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6th January 2009

2:06pm: In an odd twist of events, I went to Disney and Florida with two really great friends from Columbus. Now its back to school and on to losing those 5 lbs I picked up over the break. We ate at this amazing African buffet in Disney that I blame most of the weight on! If given the chance, I would totally subsist off coconut milk and shrimp!

24th June 2008

10:06pm: contrary to what i expected, it actually feels VERY different to be married rather than just living together! i can't explain it, but its definitely good. pics to come eventually!

oh, and i hardly even thought about the shoes but they were awesome in their gold-ness.

9th April 2008

6:48pm: do i want this as my wedding song?

and is it working?

7th November 2007

6:11pm: i am now a Child Protective Specialist with my own, work issued cubicle, voicemail, business cards, cell phone, and pager. fancy!!! this job requires that i speak in court about cases often and had my first taste today. oops time for tango lessons!

4th November 2007

10:44pm: tomorrow at 9am i'll be starting my new job at franklin county children's services!
whoops time for bed!
9:26am: took my GRE's yesterday after 2 months of studying the math for it and did fairly well! high enough to make the cut off for the grad programs i'm applying for and qualify for a fellowship too! i bombed my practice test, so this is a great achievement. t and i went to bravo to celebrate with italian lemonades and tiramisu!
got the ducts cleaned in the house so now we can finally turn the heat on without fear of me exploding in a big sneeze. $200 later, black dirt is still coming out of the vents and creating a thick black film on all the white appliances and countertops. i'm considering wearing a facemask while in the house.
started making wedding registries and feel quite odd choosing stuff for people to buy me/us. the chance of a lifetime!!!

1st November 2007

9:28am: only 10 trick or treaters! and no one wanted the honey graham bears! :(
kitten is crying non stop. start my new job monday, spent too much money buying a work wardrobe and still need more.

24th October 2007

10:12am: i'm stuffy beyond stuffy this morning. allergies in the new house have been on the rise since the cat has learned to secretly sneak up and sleep next to my face at night. my morning routine has been check email while tony listens to cat stevens and studies (always gets up about an hour before me to start his study day), drink coffee, take a shower, then putz until its 12:30 and time for work.
wedding planning is coming along- we probably have a band and a photobooth rental lined up but haven't confirmed with either of them yet. the band is not my first choice, but a good choice for erie, pa. they don't do enough sinatra for my liking, but the price is better than shipping a frank cover in from buffalo. wedding registries will be at target and thebigday.com, where you can register for a honeymoon! we're thinking italy, but flying into london or paris first. the whole thing is massively expensive! wedding planning is ridiculous.
starting my new job on nov 5th. getting another kitten this weekend. taking the gre nov 3rd. t and i have been taking tango lessons. that is all!
Current Mood: uncomfortable

10th October 2007

8:59am: It seems that the cold has finally come to Cbus. Getting out of warm bed for cold wood floor was hard this morning. I'm off to COSI, then work. PBR and pizza last night, and i got a piano!

7th August 2007

5:34pm: to counterbalance my last post, i am so happy with my life in cbus now!
i was offered a part time position as a program coordinator with the national alliance for mental illness this morning and i'll be starting it on monday. of course, this is not ideal as it isn't full time and i don't have benefits, but its a start. i hope to make connections from it that can get me into something where i can have more contact with people with mental illnesses/disorders.
i got an ohio drivers lisence and ohio plates now- look out! and i'm going to the state fair tonight for the second time! i'm so ohio now.

6th July 2007

10:39am: i'm back to the states 5 lbs lighter because of my near- constant digestive issues while in mexico. needless to say, i am so happy to eat regular, non-spicy, non-mysterious food again! bagels with cream cheese are heavenly!

it was a little disappointing arriving back in cbus last night as neither t nor i have many friends here yet to welcome us back. we got in late, around 10:30pm, after being up since 6 to take the mexico city metro to the airport. weather delays caused a 2.5 hr delay in washington dc, then my baggage was lost and miraculously found. our welcome home to the house was a warning on the front door from the local neighborhood police about cutting our grass.
i took a bath, then slept soundly for the first time in a few weeks!

many errands will be accomplished today, including moving tony out of his old apartment. he leaves for texas on monday, and i have no plans from now on (maybe stay with family in wash, pa while i look for a job online??) but first, iwant to see if this pirated sims 2 pet pack works!! if so, i'm going to kick myself for not buying the windows vista too.

oh, and i found a blackberry bush in my backyard this morning! i love the new place.

28th June 2007

4:07pm: viva la playa!
in mexico for another week still, have spent the last week touring the beaches of the central pacific coast. we´re currently in puerto escondido for one more night, then taking an 8 hr bus tmrw to acapulco (which i expect to find utterly disguating, but am still magnetically drawn to !) lying on the beach all day sipping fruity drinks (agua piña, anyeone??) has been quite great, but a nagging feeling of not doing anything productive with my existence has been popping up. fortunately, the 2 for 1 cocktails do a decent job of supressing it until it passes.

ive found mexico to not be as inexpensive as i imagined. prices are equivocal to the states (more for fast food!) but the wages are lower. still, it is in most parts a middle class country from what i´ve seen. we met a composer from mexico city who studied in london for 3 years and was able to explain a lot of the local politics and economics to us. it seems that the big problem is not unemployment, but underemployment- people need 3 jobs just to keep above water.

the weather here is consistently disgustingly hot. a 15 min walk on flat ground in midday leaves us both soaked in sweat! its nice , though, because we can save money on eating since its too hot to be hungry!

my spanish is coming along poorly... but tonyçs is good, thankfully.
love yah all

4th June 2007

1:25pm: mexico
leaving tmrw to wwoof and backpack around mexico with tony for a month. hopefully i'll be habla-ing espanol muy bien when i return!

lots of love!

ps- dean i'll be thinking about you!

21st May 2007

11:04am: moving is going smoothly so far, have been spending good time with loved friends, and the new cat (yes, the new cat FOR REAL this time!) cuddled between t and i all night last night.
i just need to keep breathing and stop anxiously playing with my hair!

30th April 2007

10:12am: buenos dios! como estas, amigos!

it's a beautiful day in pittsburgh, pa, and i can't wait to get out into the world. my routine is quite nice right now- only espanol class from 12-3 each day mon-thurs and the rest of the time free. it's just enough structure for my day, balanced with the right amount of free time for my own projects.

book 'em packathon was last night and again i was unsuccessful in recruiting friends to come! i'm starting to think perhaps there is something entirely unaltruistic about these people! everyone is able to find many excuses every time they are invited. but whatever, the event was packed and left me feeling overstimulated and a bit claustrophic from being down in those basement shelves. we packed almost 30 crates full of packages though! personally, i sent out packages full of 1 science fiction/fantasy/substance abuse 2 spanish dictionary and how to learn spanish book 3 how to learn spanish, italian, and chinese and 4. animals/marine life. i can never understand the grown men who write in that they want to learn about animals, but whatever. maybe that's what prison does to you!

only 1 month left in pgh- i cannot WAIT to get out into the sun!

20th April 2007

2:03pm: out of the 7 closest friends who i invited to my graduation bonfire with the family on sunday, only 1 is coming- and that's because he's my fiancee. maybe i should reevaluate all my friendships stat...

6th April 2007

7:23pm: new things-

i'm now a phi beta kappa member, along with the likes of clinton and senior bush.

tmrw at 8:30am i'm taking my psych GRE

there is no motivation whatsoever to finish the 3 papers i have due

in my graduate class last night, i had to give an impromptu 10 min speech about a paper we had due since i missed class the week before and wasn't aware that we were supposed to give presentations about our papers. TERRIBLE!
to compensate for this, t and c and matt and i went to the harris and i had 2 frozen cosmos and a brownie plate

the new cat peed on the futon AND the papasan (pictures to come-- of the cat, not the pee stains)

7th March 2007

11:33am: the cat is back to his normal self again! i don't know how i'm ever going to handle having kids after the way i cried over the cat this past week...

ps- check out www.pandora.com, its my new favorite thing- right now i'm listening to a great frank sinatra radio station!

5th March 2007

12:51pm: the last few days have been absolutely terrible.
the cat needed an emergency blood transfusion on saturday night (my birthday) or else he would have died- he lost too much blood during his tooth extraction surgery at the humane society to be able to stabilize himself on his own. t and i spent 5+ hours at the emergency vet in shaler and had to cancel all of my bday plans to sob over the stupid fluff puff.
he seems to be stabilized now, but we won't be sure for a few more days yet... right now he's sleeping under my desk in my bedroom.

23 was officially my worst birthday ever!

9th February 2007

10:51pm: this is what i have:
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
The primary symptom is the sudden onset of severe vertigo that occurs exclusively with head movement in the direction of the affected ear.

Patients often describe their first experience occurring while turning their head in bed.

The vertigo is brief in duration -- 5 seconds to a minute.

It is often associated with nausea.

Patients do not experience other neurological deficits such as numbness or weakness, and if these symptoms are present, a more concerning etiology such as posterior circulation stroke, must be considered.

i've been dizzy pretty much since i woke up in the cabin at raccoon creek park sunday morning with tony. we spent saturday snowshoeing in single digit temperatures, so at first i thought it was just some weird offshoot of my poor attempts to keep warm while outside. after about 36 hours of being slightly motion sick, i went to the physician who diagnosed me with the above. its friday and i'm still dizzy, too dizzy to dance with friends tonight in fact! for the first time ever, i have had a dr's excuse to show off to my professors, granting me a Get Out of School Work Free card for the past several days. unfortunately, the sympathy is starting to wane and i'm pretty much as symptomatic as i was on sunday! this stupid vertigo can last for up to a month, too!

holistic treatments i've tried: exercises that are supposed to rebalance my inner ear, but actually make me want to puke, smelling lavender oil, reflexology/cranial massage

things that make me dizzy: scooping the cat litter, digging in my purse/bag, being in crowded stores, taking off shirts, getting out of bed, tying my shoes (like, whoah!!), copying notes from board/powerpoint presentation, picking up the cat
Current Mood: dizzy

4th February 2007

3:52pm: WHYYY do i feel so dizzy??? i cant quite get my balance!

16th January 2007

8:00am: this happened recently
I recently bought one of those bracelets that has the words "What would Jesus do?" engraved on it. So now, any time I get into a difficult situation, I can look at my bracelet and remember to ask myself, "What would Jesus do?"

The next day, I was in a movie theater and some jerk's cell phone goes off. He starts talking really loud on it and at some point I couldn't take it anymore so I yelled at him to shut up. When he turned around and told me to shove it, I jumped out of my chair and was ready to cave his head in. But then my bracelet caught my attention and I remembered, "What would Jesus do in this situation?"

So I lit him on fire and threw him in hell.

27th November 2006

12:01pm: my last chatham schedule, like, ever!!!

applied biological psychology
death and dying
applied human biology
piano (2 credits)
Current Mood: loved

21st November 2006

10:23am: last night after dinner in oakland, anthony and i decided to go to pitt cafe for a game of pool and a beer. unbeknownst to us (and maybe to all of you?) but the pittsburgh cafe currently SUCKS! because of constuction there is only a bare-bones upstairs room with the pool table shoved off in a corner, unable to be used. oh yeah, and its FREEZING because the heat isn't working! we sat at the bar and shivered our way through 1/2 an episode of scrubs and a draft before moving on to somewhere warmer and populated. so, just a word of warning, stay away from pitt cafe!

for thanksgiving i'll be in washington, pa with my family. my cousin just got an apartment so i'll be able to stay with her -which means i won't have to be woken up by my mom's dog, tatters, growling menacingly at me while i sleep! i'm looking forward to the holiday this year... but i'm giving up on the tofurkey after 3 straight years of it tasting like shit. i can no longer defend it in earnest.

on saturday (during the big OSU vs Michigan game which i cared nothing about), anthony and i went to COSI (the science center in columbus) and had a generally awesome time! there weren't many kids there (i assume because of the game) so we got to play on all the exhibits as much as we wanted, with the exception of the balance thing which some kids bullied me off of. :( my favorite part was the embryo development exhibit (with real embryos! ewww!!!) and the vet detective computer thing. he liked the balance thing and the submarine stuff. later, we went to see a movie amid the debauchery of the victorious OSU undergrads. on the 10 min walk home, we witnessed 2 people throw up and one person get arrested! silly drunk buckeyes.

happy (fake) turkey day everyone!
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